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A space where you can challenge your accountability. Be more productive, create important discussion, and expand your learning...

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What is The Productivity Hub?

After the successful launch of our newsletter (Pro Letter), we wanted to go one step further.

We asked our readers what they wanted. They told us they wanted to take action and be held accountable.

We set out to create a space where it wasn't just about reading inspirational quotes everyday.

We set out to create a space where you can challenge your accountability, be more productive, create important discussion, expand your learning, and work with like minded people.

The solution... The Productivity Hub!

What will it offer me?

  • Accountability Challenges. Selection of challenges to choose from (Inc. Content Creator, Making you Read, and more...)

  • Easy to use App. Access to all features from any device.

  • Members only Weekly Digest. A digest of what's happening in the community, upcoming events, articles and special features.

  • Access to the Resource Library. Helping you expand your learning.

  • Forum and Support network. Use the threads to share your projects, interesting things you've found, ask questions and create discussion.

  • Receive the Pro Letter (Newsletter). Packed with actionable ideas on productivity, habits and doing life better.

Access the Hub

Newsletter only

Where does The Productivity Hub live?

Everything is hosted under one roof using Circle Communities. Why are we using Circle to host our community?

  • Easy to use app

  • Great layout and functionality

  • Set which notifications you want to recieve on the app and desktop (Great for challenge reminders!)

What do others say?

  • 'Really insightful. Helped me put certain things into perspective and solidify my stance on a few of my values and/ ideologies'

  • 'This is good accountability. I need to make sure I have a single most important task set aside each day as a priority. This helps make sure that a do it and do it first'

  • 'Concise and punchy works really well for reading over a morning coffee without feeling I should be working'

  • 'It brought to mind things I haven't really thought about before'

  • 'Love the simplicity of the newsletter, great sources quoted too.....thanks.'

What's the cost?

Full access to:

  • Accountability challenges

  • Easy to use app

  • Members only weekly digest

  • Access to resource library

  • Private community and support network

  • Pro Letter (Newsletter)

Access the Hub

Newsletter only